Queenscliff Rod Run 2022

Queenscliff Rod Run

Geelong Street Rodders have been holding off on a final decision on the hosting of Queenscliff Rod Run 2022 in the hope it could proceed with the lifting of some restrictions in Victoria for major events.

It seems that large sporting events can start to return to normal with closed venues having the ability of checking in via gates etc, but an open event such as a rod run as we know it still seems to fall into a grey area.

We were certainly looking forward to it proceeding, but unfortunately as it gets closer, it doesn’t seem possible to run as an organised major event in the current climate, as is the case with other hot rod runs in the near future becoming weekends without organised activities, but no doubt some aspects of a rod run seem to happen naturally.

We hope that Queenscliff is still bustling with hot rods & hot rodders on the weekend of Feb. 4-6, & everyone with an accommodation booking still heads to Queenscliff to enjoy a weekend catching up with their mates, as they did earlier this year.

As we get further into 2022, surely a normal rod run becomes more likely, & we can see Queenscliff Rod Run return in 2023.